Software Features

When we were evaluating which company we wanted to partner with, we had a defined set of hosting requirements for our web hosting needs. XZ Host met those requirements.

- Israel B.
Online Backup Platform
Multiple Platform Support

Cross-platform and written in Java2, our software is compatible with all major operating systems, database servers, and Microsoft Exchange. Features include industry standard encryption, compressed data and transfers, advanced scheduling and retention policies, In-File Delta, and Continuous Data Protection.

Continuous Data Protection

Our software comes with advanced Continuous Data Protection which can be set to capture every version of data that has been saved to your hard disk. With CDP, even if your hard drive crashes completely after you have worked for a full day without invoking backup manually yourself, the saved copy of your working files will still be intact on the backup server. It provides a highly dependable means of real-time, continuous protection for file servers and desktops.


Along with CDP, our software also provides a flexible backup scheduler to implement backup policy easily. Once a user has defined the settings, backup will be carried out automatically at the desired times. Make daily, weekly, monthly, and even customized schedules.


All data will be compressed and encrypted with a key selected by the user on the client-side, before being uploaded and stored at XZBackup. The encryption key will never be uploaded to our servers during backup. Moreover, data can be backed up through secure SSL to further increase security. Decryption, on the other hand, is only possible with the encryption key.

In-File Delta

Our solution comes with proprietary in-file delta technology. The original file is required to be backed up once only; after that only the changes within the file made since the previous backup are necessary to upload. This significantly reduces the total backup time required.

Retention Policy

Retention Policy is not a problem with the XZBackup Advanced Client. Create customized policies to retain files for weeks, months, and up to years.