A Bit About Our Company

What is XZ Host?

XZ Host is a Hosting company that enables Partners and Resellers to provide their owndd hosting solutions to prospective and current clients. By utilizing our backend infrastructure and mainstream management software, will enable software consultants, value added resellers, and managed service providers can leverage our existing stack to enable their own web hosting solution.

How does XZHost work?

We allow your business to participate in the Web Hosting Market by providing you with a hosting solution that is built for stability and reliability. Sign-Up online and your Hosting Solution will be live with-in 24 hours.

What control do I have over my host?

You have all the control. You can host any number of websites and domains with us. We have no limit on the amount of accounts you can create within your reseller hosting account.

What kind of service do I get?

Our facility is a Tier 3 building with state of the art equipment, network connections and power redundancy. In the event of any natural or man made disaster, our location can withstand just about any emergency situation. All of systems are under 24/7/365 surveillance and monitoring, secured from natural disasters, and are subject to 3rd party audits.